Supporting the families of children with disabilities


In 1998, One Hundred Hours, the charity supporting the families of children with disabilities in West Yorkshire, surveyed 500 families of children with disabilities to find out what sort of support the parents, as parents, received to enable them to care effectively for their children with disabilities.


The survey was called The SOFTY Survey - Support Over the First Two Years. The results were published as 'Parents Support Needs' in 2000.


The results were shocking with most families not feeling that they received the support that they needed. The work played a significant part in the development of the Obe Hundred Hours model of keyworking.


Now, 12 years later, WordWorks is repeating this large-scale, national survey. An online survey has now been collecting responses for a year and will shortly close.


We are hoping that the full report of this work will be available in the autumn.