Research Services


WordWorks is a specialist in conducting primary and secondary research. We use various methodologies as appropriate to your project, from quick online surveys to complex qualitative analyses.


Our expertise includes:


• project / service evaluation

• service-user evaluation

• community needs analyses and mapping

• oral history taking

• action research

• secondary data analysis





Our research is well-structured, has clear aims, and, most importantly, always comes in within budget and within the necessary deadlines.

WordWorks specialises in multi-tier research – innovative and proactive ways of reaching and involving everyone from high-level partner and referral agencies; trustees; volunteers; staff; existing service-users; potential service-users and the wider community.



We are established experts in reaching communities traditionally seen as hard-to-reach or, as we sometimes suspect is the case, easy-to-ignore. This includes looked after children, former children in care, people with disabilities, lesbian and gay communities and sub-communities, ethnic minority communities, victims of domestic violence.





Value for money


We will provide you with a clear, low cost quote for your research. We will work with you to ensure you are happy and involved at all stages of the project. View our customer testimonials to see what our customers have said about us


Reports that you can use


All too often research reports are left to gather dust and are never seen, far less understood, by theeir intended audiences. WordWorks research reports are written in clear, jargon-free, English and presented in a manner and format appropriate to the target audiences.



No matter the size of your budget, or the extent of research needs, to discuss your research requirements, please email or call 01271 870438 or 0771 3430327.