Mason's Orphanage


Mason's orphanage was built in 1869 by Josiah Mason, the Birmingham philanthropist who had made his fortune in pen nibs.


Initially built to house more than 300 children, the orphanage closed in the 1960s and was sadly demolished later that year.


Marking the place where the enormous orphanage building once dominated the surrounding houses, is a bust of Josiah Mason. Additionally the name of the road has been chaned to Orphanage Road.


We want to bring the memories of the orphange to life for all of those who spent all or part of their childhood there and for the people of the local area who have little idea of what a huge institution once stood in their midst.


What was life in the orphanage like? What did the building look like? Who were the staff?


We are collecting memories, stories and photographs of the orphanage from people who once lived there and local residents who remember it.


If you would like to be involved or simply want to know a bit more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All enquiries are treated in strict confidence.




  Mason's Orphanage