In the early 1990s, the charity One Hundred Hours, working in West Yorkshire with the families of children who had complex needs, explored and developed the model of family support known as keyworking.


In 2000, Gudrun Limbrick, after conducting an evalution of the model with the families with whom One Hundred Hours worked, wrote up the model of keyworking developed by the charity. This was published by WordWorks in 2000.


The idea of the keyworker was subsequently taken up by the National Service Framework for Child Health and Maternity (published 2004) and individual keyworker initiatives are developing through the country.



WordWorks is now in the process of updating and republishing The Keyworker so that, as a practical guide, it can continue to support the keyworker initiatives which are developing throughout England and Wales.


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One Hundred Hours conference on keyworking, Birmingham 1999.